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One-on-One Coaching

"What started out as my desire for some accountabiity coaching to improve my diet, quickly turned into a holistic review of my life which brought about much more balance. I am so thankful to have found Lauren."  

-Christina, mom of 1 

"By reviewing some of the gaps in my habits and giving me new ways to think about how to approach my goals simply, Jen has been able to help me review and reassess my approach with an eye toward better balance. Having a couple of key focus areas each week that are challenging, yet achievable, is a great place to start and allows me to build a healthy habit one step at a time.  This way of thinking, as opposed to “do everything at once,” and having Jen's helpful and supportive coaching along the way has set me down a positive path to a more healthy life. "

Melissa, mom of 4 

"Jen has been my health coach at Younique Balance for the past 4 months. She's helped me realize my health is a journey, not the achievement of a weight loss goal.  I was looking for personal coaching because I knew I needed to try something different to truly create a healthier lifestyle in my mind, body and relationships with other people.  I love the accountability Jen helps me create with weekly goals (yes, I create my own goals!) which are attainable so I feel successful through my progress.  With Jen's help, I now know I don't need to deprive myself because I can find balance by answering cravings with healthier options. Never have I had this type of personal experience where my mental, spiritual, physical and emotional states are all considered by one person for my total wellness and health. It makes so much sense!  Jen asks the tough questions to help me uncover lifestyle choices that are preventing me from moving forward. While she is confident and firm in her advice, she is gentle knowing there will be successes and detours. She is really supportive and always follows up with cool recipes and articles relevant to what was discussed in our one on one meetings. I'm constantly learning from her every time we meet and it's inspiring me to take the next step in my journey one step at a time. I truly feel like I am changing from the inside out!"

Michelle, mom of 2 

"Working with Lauren, I was able to implement real change in my everyday routine."  

Sara, mom of 2 

Workshop Testimonials

"Our troop was wanting to highlight the concept of health and wellness in an impactful way and YOUnique Balance offered exactly what we were looking for. In one session, our girls got to explore nutrition, exercise, and self-love in a fun and innovative way. The girls practiced deep breathing, recited positive affirmations, learned to put a healthy twist on the "lunchable," and even squeezed in an epic dance party. Thank you Jen and Lauren for helping to create healthy habits for our children!"

Maureen, Juniors Girl Scout Troop Leader

"Thanks so much! My daughter had a great time on the zoom and is inspired to make her own lunches! She loved the chart of the benefits of the different colored foods."

Jen, mom of 4th Grade Girl Scout

"Jen and Lauren were so knowledgeable, yet they knew how to present their information in a way that was fun and made sense to young girls. The kids came away excited about trying new foods and wanting to "eat the rainbow!"  I also loved how they highlighted the importance of deep breathing and positive self-talk. Jen and Lauren are a wonderful resource and I am very grateful for what they do."

Maureen, mom of 4th Grade Girl Scout

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