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We look forward to helping you get to the bottom of your symptoms,  

so you can live a healthier and  happier life.


Jen Alsman, FDN-P

Functional Diagnostic

Nutrition Practitioner

Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach

Certified Women’s

Coaching Specialist

Jen specializes in getting to the root cause through functional lab testing, personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes.  

She has a passion for working with moms struggling with burnout and adrenal fatigue after her own struggles with these conditions over the last few years.

Lauren Solberg, FNC


Nutrition Counselor

Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach

Autoimmune Protocol

Certified Coach

Lauren’s interest in natural health came after her autoimmune disease diagnosis (Hashimoto’s, Sjrogren’s Syndrome & Ulcerative Colitis). She experienced the frustration of not having a clear path for autoimmune wellness.


Turning health crisis into a health career, Lauren now educates and empowers others about the power of lifestyle choices, with the belief that food is medicine.

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