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Functional Health

Functional Health Balanced for YOU

Functional Nutrition is an approach that takes into account every aspect of a person’s health, diet and overall lifestyle to develop a plan to meet the specific nutritional needs of an individual.  


Here at Younique Balance Health Coaching, we tailor our nutrition programs to meet everyone’s bio-individuality.  We practice “root cause” care-using clues from the body to restore health for our clients.  We empower individuals to take back their health so they can live their best life. 


We take a scientific approach and use food as medicine, address lifestyle imbalances, recommend and review functional lab testing and utilize supplementation to meet clients where they are at and restore function in their body. 


Through one-on-one discovery, functional testing, and deep investigation, we can help you with imbalances in your body, so you can achieve sustained results from:

Hormone Imbalance

Blood sugar, blood pressure, fertility, sex drive, metabolism can be affected by hormones.


Women's Health

PMS, pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopause, menopause.



Energy, growth and cell repair are compromised if food is not broken down properly to absorb nutrients.

 Autoimmune Attacks

If the immune system malfunctions, it mistakenly attacks health cells, tissues and organs.  This weakens bodily function and can be

life threatening.

Stress & Worry


Stress contributes to 50% 
of all illnesses and can present in many forms: mental, emotional, physical, biochemical.


Leaky Gut

Poor gut health affects your overall well being including: mental health, immune system, hormones.


Properly fueling your body can help combat fatigue and energy crashes.


Weight Fluctuations

This is a common goal for many women. We empower you to make lifestyle shifts for sustained weight loss, so you can stop fad diets.

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We want to hear from you! Please schedule a 30-minute consultation to share your health goals, so we can build your individual success plan together.

Nutrition & Health Services

Functional Lab Testing

Let’s investigate your health together using comprehensive functional lab testing. 


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YOU in Balance

1:1 Health Coaching

Optimize your health with our 1:1 nutrition program. Let’s work together to help you achieve a state of well-being and feel empowered to manage your health, enabling you to lead a vibrant and active life. 



Discover the Autoimmune Protocol and get on
track to healing your body with real,

nourishing food!

Client Transformations

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"Jen customizes each session specific to your goals.  She helped me with various goals in a manageable way.  I have learned so much about nutrition for myself and my family in such a practical way.  She helped me with stress management; and how to shift my focus during stressful times at work and at home.  It has been so beneficial to have Jen as my accountability partner to work towards my specific goals. She always helps me recognize my progress, no matter how big or how small."

Ashley, Client


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